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Rare Large Natural White Non-Nacreous Pearl—from « The Giant Clam », Tridacna gigas, Saltwaters near Vietnam. Photo Bonhams

A luminescent white non-nacreous natural pearl, which possesses an extremely symmetrical egg-form shape as well as a very fine flame structure on its porcelaneous surface.Weighing approximately 32.45 carats and measuring 14.56 – 14.57 x 20.76 mm. Sold for US$ 35,000 (€26,160)

Accompanied by an SSEF report (Schweizerisches Gemmologisches Institut) no. 60804 dated 29 September 2011 stating natural non-nacreous pearl from a marine mollusk. White with a distinct to fine flame structure. 

Bonhams. Gems, Minerals and Lapidary Works of Art New York – 23 May 2012