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Axe Mold, Viet Nam, Dong Son culture, ca. 2500 BCE. Estimated Price: $400 – $800. Photo Artemis Gallery

Two piece pottery mold used to create bronze axes created and used by the Dong Son culture, centered in the Red River Valley of Northern Vietnam. Scant scholarship has been done, so little is known of this culture aside from their skill with bronze casting. A rare artifact perfect for any collector of weaponry or Asian art. Size:  Each piece about 7″L x 4-1/4″W at widest. Some chips and cracks, but overall fair condition.

Provenance: Ex-J. Connell Collection, Boston, MA.

Antiquities, Pre-Columbian & Tribal Art by ArtemisGallery LIVE. February 13, 2015, 9:00 AM MST, Erie , CO, USA