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Lot of 2 Bronze Cast Bells, Vietnam, Anamese, Ca. 500 BCE. Estimated Price: $300 – $400. Photo Artemis Gallery.

A handsome pair of bronze cast bells from the Anamese culture of ancient Vietnam. The larger example was cast in a narrow high-arch shape and features a sinuous, spiraled Lei Win water symbol on both its front and back sides.  An attractive artifact that displays expert casting technique. Size:  3-1/4″ tall x 2″W at widest point. The smaller example possesses an hourglass shape with linear and spiraled patterns adorning its surface. Perforations through cylindrical form atop for suspension. Smaller perforations on sides are blocked. A beautiful example that also attests to the undeniable skill of the Anamese.  Size:  2-3/8″ tall x 1- 1/2″ wide at widest point. Both show surface wear and areas of encrustation (particularly to the interior of bells).  Nice green patina.  Overall good condition.

Provenance: Ex-private Pickard Collection, Oklahoma City, OK, Mr. Pickard began his collection in 1959 following university studies. Many pieces in his collection.  Walter Seifried of I-Bead Antique and Ancient Art, Cincinnati and Santa Fe.

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