Trinh Tuan, Golden Thoughts (2008). Photo courtesy The Curator’s

Trinh Tuan’s work is primarily figurative lacquer paintings. Often a single figure depicted in his paintings can bring forth feelings of loneliness, sadness, or happiness and love. His portraits unleash many emotions from inside the images he paints.

Trinh Tuan’s paintings often contain a single or two images with much detail in and around the subjects. He projects an artistic inspiration in an abstract way, as he displays men and women conveying warm feelings for each other. Trinh Tuan uses color and mixed medium to build up a three dimensional projection which adds intensity to his work. His materials include mother of pearl, silver and gold leaf and eggshell to achieve his desired self-expression.

Trinh Tuan provides aesthetic richness in his works which evokes curiosity in the viewer. Trinh has the remarkable ability to tell a story about love, loneliness, betrayal and mysterious emotion every human can relate to. There is often a golden aura that shines throughout Trinh Tuan’s works, which symbolize warmth, hope and peace.

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