Parrot Lamp, Lý Dynasty, 11th - 12th c

Parrot Lamp, Lý Dynasty, 11th – 12th c. A.D., Vietnam. Length: 19.5 cm © Zetterquist Galleries

A stoneware lamp in the shape of a parrot with backward facing head. The piece is finely carved with articulated feathers and facial features, as well as a band of lotus petals forming the base on which it stands. The piece is covered with a finely crackled translucent glaze that pools to a pale green color. The underside is unglazed, revealing a pale buff colored stoneware body. (With chips and fritting to rim.)

This piece is considered unusually fine for its masterful carving of feathers and head, as well as the well-controlled glaze. Other examples of this form can be seen in Vietnamese Ceramics; A Separate Tradition by Stevenson and Guy, Avery Press, 1997. Pls. 34-35.

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