Brown and White Lidded Jar, Lý–Trần Dynasty, 12th–13th c

Brown and White Lidded Jar, Lý–Trần Dynasty, 12th–13th c. A.D., Thanh Hóa, Vietnam. Height: 18cm © Zetterquist Galleries

A lobed, high-shouldered jar with lug handles at the top of each of the eight lobes. The lobes are accentuated by bands of brown around their perimeter to resemble lotus petals. The top of the shoulder is decorated by a band of overlapping lotus petals deeply carved over a striated surface, all below a rolled mouth rim. The lid, also with bands of alternating brown details, has a lotus bud finial (chipped at the top), surrounded by another band of carved overlapping lotus petals sitting in a field of minute circular patterning, accentuated by brown glaze pooling in its crevices. The entire piece, with exception to its brown details, is covered with a finely crackled translucent glaze that pools to a very pale green color, and has orangey-pink burial stains. The interior is glazed in a rich iron-oxide brown glaze. The bottom is unglazed, revealing a light buff clay body.

This piece is notable for the effective use of brown detailing, inside and out, for its masterful carving, and it is one of the finest pieces of this type.

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