Large Lidded Jar with Incised Brown Lotus Decoration, Trần Dynasty 1225–1400 A

Large Lidded Jar with Incised Brown Lotus Decoration, Trần Dynasty 1225–1400 A.D., Vietnam. Height: 38.5cm © Zetterquist Galleries

A large ceremonial jar sitting on an attached, reticulated base, fashioned after earlier cooking vessels, supported by eight “feet” standing on a footring. The bottom of the body has a deeply carved band of lotus petals, above a smaller band of downward facing lotus petals decorated with brown glaze. The main section of the body is divided into eight carved lotus petal shaped panels, each decorated with incised scrolling lotus designs filled with brown glaze. Another band of carved lotus petals sits below the slightly everted mouth-rim. The domed lid also has an everted rim, and has similarly brown glazed scrolling lotus, all beneath a masterfully carved lotus finial, with another band of carved lotus petals at its base. (Large chip to the lid rim. Minor chips to lotus finial.) The entire piece is covered with a finely crackled translucent glaze that pools to a pale greenish tone, and stands in high contrast as the background to the brown highlights of the decoration. Unglazed interior and under-foot sections reveal a stoneware body fired to a light buff color.

This is a magnificent example of a large brown and white “Thanh Hóa” style covered jar. The Buddhist influences prevalent in the preceding Lý Dynasty are still strongly represented in the Trần, and the skill with which the brown decoration is applied is beautifully done. The masterfully carved lid finial, perhaps doubling as an incense receptacle, is perfectly proportioned and adds an extra sculptural quality to the traditional form.

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