Lidded Ewer Tran Dynasty 1225-1400 A

Lidded Ewer, Trần Dynasty 1225-1400 A.D., Vietnam. Height: 13cm © Zetterquist Galleries

A small pear-shaped stoneware ewer with constricted neck and small flared mouth-rim. There are incised lines of decoration around the girth of the body and intersecting the out-flaring spout. A stopper-type lid has a flattened top decorated with concentric circles. The wide foot rim is beveled and has a shallow, concave underfoot. The piece is glazed with a finely crackled, pale green tinted glaze that stops short of the foot, revealing a pale stoneware body fired to a buff color.

This delightful little ewer has an unusual form for Vietnamese ceramics, but does relate to Qingbai forms of the Southern Song Dynasty. The flattened stopper, however, relates directly to those found on larger ewers from the Lý and Trần Dynasty.

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