Pouring Vessel with Crenulated Rim, Lý Dynasty, 1009 – 1225 A.D., Vietnam. Length: 13cm © Zetterquist Galleries

A small spouted cup of thinly potted stoneware with a finely crackled translucent glaze that has fired to an ivory color. The elongated spout and crenulated mouth-rim are hand pinched. The straight foot rim is unglazed and reveals a buff stoneware clay body. This fanciful piece is reminiscent of George Ohr’s ceramics produced a thousand years later.

Double-Gourd Shaped Bottle Vase, Lý Dynasty, 1009 – 1225 A.D., Vietnam. Height: 22cm © Zetterquist Galleries

A stoneware vessel of double gourd form sitting on a shallow foot-rim, the underside of which is unglazed. The top section has a simple mouth with a band of horizontal incising underneath. The bottom section has vertical incising between to bands of horizontal lines, signifying the sections of a gourd. The entire piece is covered with a finely crackled translucent glaze fired to a pale ivory color.

The double-gourd form was popular in both Chinese and Korean ceramics of the same period. The Vietnamese version is most likely influenced by Southern Qingbai wares that were involved in the maritime trade routes originating in Guangzhou and traveling south along the Vietnamese coast line.

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